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It is the centenary of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong, our school, this year. One of the most vital roles of the Student Association in the centennial year is to link up the past and the future of the school, in order to preserve the unforgettable history of the school, while planning for the upcoming years and decades for Wah Yan.

Therefore, having the meaning of inheritance or heredity, Eredità, an Italian word, represents that we live out the core spirit of the school with the role of the Student Association in this centennial year. "Eredità" refers to the mission of celebrating our glorious past and welcoming the bright future of Wah Yan.

By always having the spirit of Eredità within our cabinet, we, as the Student Association, hope to help shape a better Wah Yan in the future for our fellow Wahyanites, while preserving the centennial grandeur and excellence of the school.

Themes & Objectives

Firstly, the most important theme of our cabinet is to celebrate the school's centennial anniversary. As the school is in its centenary, we hope to carry out a series of remarkable and memorable events throughout the year for students and create an unforgettable year for the school's history, such as the Open Days, the Wah Yan 100th Anniversary Musical Performance and assist in the event of creating a Guinness World Record under the name of Wah Yan.

Secondly, we also aim to enhance unification, a harmonious relationship and communicative bond between students and the Student Association. Measures such as regular Instagram live video sessions and the introduction of a feedback-collection box at the corner of the Student Association's notice board are going to be implemented during the year to ensure ample opportunities for students to express their views to the Association.

Thirdly, another target of our cabinet is to sustain the financial development of the Student Association to ensure sufficient funds and monetary resources for carrying out different events, especially those which require huge expenses. Therefore, to increase the monetary input of the Association, we are going to hold a crowdfunding scheme for interested parents, students and alumni, etc.

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N52 (Student Association Office),

Student Activity Centre, 5/F,

Wu Jieh Yee Building,

Wah Yan College Hong Kong,

281 Queen's Road East,

Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island

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